I knew Gina when she was working on her doctorate in Dr. Glick’s lab in Waterloo Ontario, Canada.

Although Gina Holguin spent several years as a member of our lab while doing her Ph.D., it is absolutely impossible to write a few simple lines by which to remember her. Gina was a complex, subtle and multi-faceted individual whose essence is not easily captured. To those who didn't know her, Gina's high pitched squeaky voice suggested that perhaps Gina might not be a person of substance. In fact, nothing could have been further from the truth. Gina was a serious, thoughtful, considerate, ambitious, hard working and self-motivated individual. As a consequence of growing up in a society that didn't always take women seriously, Gina worked very hard to make sure that she was taken seriously, as a scientist and as a person. She made a conscious effort to do things and address problems that she thought would make a difference in science, in society, in the world. Gina really was an extraordinary human being. We will all miss her very much. On the other hand, we were privileged to have known her; she enriched the lives of all of those who knew her.

Bernard Glick
Waterloo, Canada

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