Yoav Bashan, Ph.D.
President (Since 1999)
(The Bashan Foundation USA and Mexico)

Luz-Estela Gonzalez de-Bashan, Ph.D.
Vice-President (Since 1999)
(The Bashan Foundation USA and Mexico)

Zvi Ha-Cohen, Ph.D.
Director (Since 2006)
(Rector- Ben Gurion University at the Negev, Israel)

Dan Luoma, Ph.D.
Officer, Resident agent (Since 2006)
Oregon State University, Oregon, USA)

Noga Bashan, Environ. Eng.
Officer, marketing and creation of projects with the private sector (Since 2010)
(The Bashan Foundation Israel)

Dr. Munagala Reddy, Ph.D.
Officer, Business development (since 2012)
(Auburn University, Alabama, USA)

Stela de-Gonzalez
Artist-in-residence (since 2014)
(The Bashan Foundation, Colombia)