Donation of scientific information to the scientific community by persons who are not contributors of The Bashan Foundation

The Bashan Foundation will post scientific information (publications in professional journals, chapters in scientific books, proceedings of scientific conferences, websites) created by persons who are not members of the foundation that is donated by the author or one of the authors.

This is done as a “Reprint Request” limited service as is common in the scientific community among scholars.

The sole aim of posting of information is only for scholarly use and teaching of the new generation of scientists.

Posting is free. No fee is charged to the readers who need this information. The Bashan Foundation allows downloading of a single copy of a publication per person.

Each publication is posted in the non-member section of the Foundation website under the name of the donor. The Foundation does not post anonymous or pseudonym contributions.

If you wish to donate information that you created, please fill out the simple form (in Word) and send it together with the PDF of your donation. Please click here for the form

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